Google Search adds new Easter Egg for Wordle players


Now, when you search for the game on Google, six squares in the Wordle style appear at the top of the results above the search bar. The squares get filled with letters, forming a few different words, with different letters lighting up in green and yellow. So close! Finally, the invisible Wordle player hits on the right six letter word, which is, of course, Google.
The same can be spotted on the top of the screen in the middle when you search for ‘Wordle’ on phone. As you keep watching words like GOALIE and COLUMN get animated, the final word with all green characters is revealed to be GOOGLE. Wordle continues to grow more popular each day as more players are introduced to the simple puzzle game that drops a five-letter word each day that must be strategically guessed within six chances. The only help players get is a three-way colour code that lets them know what letter is present in and where it is positioned in the word of the day.
The animation is currently seen on both desktops and smartphones. While Google does pay homage to the trend, note that this isn’t a Google Doodle (when Google changes its logo on the main Google Search page) and rather an easter egg that will appear only when you search for ‘Wordle’. However, because it is a search-specific easter egg, the Wordle animation may stick around for much longer than a Google Doodle, which is usually there only for one day.