Google Messages Starts Showing Emoji Reactions Coming From iPhone


Google is rolling out an updated Messages app that shows reactions from iPhone users on your Android phone as emojis.

Latest Changes

  • The update also allows iPhone users to receive high-quality photos and videos from Android devices via Google Photos links.
  • The updated Messages app organise your messages inbox by automatically sorting your messages into separate Personal and Business tabs.
  • It also prompts you to reply to messages you missed or even remind you to wish your loved ones a happy birthday.
  • Another big change that is also aimed at the Apple ecosystem is the option to let users on Messages send photos and videos as Google photos links to let iPhone users get them in a high quality.
  • In addition to the changes focussed on people communicating with iPhone users, the new Messages update brings Personal and Business tabs to automatically sort your messages depending on their content.
  • Users can also set one-time password messages to be automatically deleted after 24 hours to help reduce the clutter even more.
  • Gboard is adding a new grammar correction feature to detect grammatical errors and offer suggestions. Pixel users with English (US) language will also start seeing their words converting into colourful stickers when typing.
  • Google has also made its Live Transcribe app available offline to let users view speech-to-text captions in real time even when they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Additionally, Google Photos is adding a Portrait Blur feature for photos with subjects such as people as well as pets, food, and plants.
  • A screen-time widget has also been released to improve your digital habits.