Google launches a new Wallet with support for digital IDs


Google today launched Google Wallet, a new Android and Wear OS app that will allow users to store things like credit cards, loyalty cards, digital IDs, transit passes, concert tickets, vaccination cards and more. The Wallet Android app is coming to users in 40 countries soon. Google made some major changes to Google Pay to refocus it more on tracking your spending and sending and receiving money between friends and family members. At that point, Google even wanted to launch its own bank account, in partnership with financial institutions like Citi, that users would manage in Google Pay.

Google has asserted that it is truly capable of taking everything found in the average physical wallet and making it virtual. This, apparently, will get to the stage of keeping and securing authentic digital IDs, to be issued and approved by a growing number of governments over time, within it. These functions may be propped up by the increased data-protection and retention mechanisms Google has also unveiled as part of its developer’s event this year.

Google also intends to offer support for digital travel cards and vaccination cards (when applicable). The Mountain View has declared that the latter in particular will be stored on-device so that its owner can stay in control of the sensitive nature of its data. The Wallet may also even have car-key support, although this may depend on the marque in question.

The new Wallet is also slated to become available on wearOS devices, the Pixel Watch included, albeit for payments only.


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