Google I/O 2022 Highlights


Google I/O 2022 just got over and it was a whirlwind of an event with hardware, software and other updates from the tech giant. The company has announced new updates to search, YouTube, Google Assistant. It has also shared more details about Android 13. The star of the show are, however, the big hardware launches — Google Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Tablet. Here are the key updates from the event:


  • Google revealed the first look at new hardware products that it will be launching this fall. This includes the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which now get a new camera design at the back. The phones will also come with Android 13 out of the box. The company also showed us our first look at the Google Pixel Tablet, an iPad competitor that brings the Pixel experience to the large screen.
  • Google announced the Pixel Buds Pro which offer active noise cancelling powered by a new custom audio processor. The earbuds will also come with a transparency mode for when users want to hear what’s going on outside.
  • The Pixel Buds Pro will offer 11 hours of battery life or 7 hours with ANC turned on.Integration with Google Assistant will also be a highlight of the new earbuds. The earbuds will also get a Spatial Audio via an update later this year. Google’s Find My Device app will also be able to locate your Pixel Buds Pro when lost.
  • Google has announced the new Pixel 6A, a $449 smartphone that offers the Pixel 6-series two-tone look along with a compact 6.1-inch screen. There is also an aluminum frame and a 12.2MP main camera on the back along with a 12MP ultrawide camera. The phone is powered by the same Tensor 5G chip with the same security architecture as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
  • The Pixel 6A comes with magic eraser, nightsight and other premium Pixel camera features. Magic Eraser in particular can now also make the colours of unwanted objects blend more with the surroundings.
  • Google has announced Android 13. The new Android update will focus on new key areas like privacy and and user safety. Material You now offers more cutomisation like using different languages for different apps.
  • Google also announced a new Google Wallet that securely stores your payment cards. The Wallet app can now also store other important documents like digital IDs like driver’s licenses and more. The app will be rolling out to Android and WearOS devices in the coming weeks.
  • My Ad Centre will give users even more control over ads they see across YouTube, Search and other Google services. Users can choose what categories they would like to see more or less ads from.
  • Google also introduced a new content renewal policies that will help users address issues like their personal contact details being publicly visible on Google Search. The feature will be available in the Google app in the next few months.
  • Google is putting $10 billion into bettering user safety online. Google services will also now offer better protection against phishing attempts, detecting them automatically and taking the user to safety automatically. Google is also making multi-factor authentication better with easy-to-use one-tap authentication that does away with six digit codes. ‘
  • Google’s Lambda 2 powers new features including adding the abilities to converse in real-time on any imaginary topic, and also stay on topic.With a Live Demo, Lambda 2 also demonstrates the ability to create automated lists and sub-lists. The demo is also capable of generating tips for the user. Google is also accepting feedback by opening access to AI Test Kitchen in the next few months.
  • Google has combined data across multiple inputs to power features like Multisearch earlier this year. Later this year, Google will announce ‘Multisearch near me’, which will allow users to click pictures and search for items like food, groceries and more near them. The feature is powered by Google’s multi-modal understanding, powered by millions of pictures and reviews powere by other users.
  • A new handy feature comes to Google Docs that will allow the popular writing tool to summarise entire documents automatically. Pichai also revealed that the featrue will also come to other Google services.
  • Pichai also reveals that Google Maps now reveals more buildings in regions in Africa, as well as other countries like India and Indonesia using newer, advanced technologies. Pichai reveals that the new 3D mapping technologies are helping power a new Maps experience called ‘immersive view’.
  • The feature allows users to head to select cities and check weather forecast, hear the local traffic and even check inside local cafes, all straight from Google Maps. Google Cloud stream will allow the featrue to run on any smartphone.
  • There is a strong rumour that Google will launch the Pixel Watch at the annual I/O 2022. The smartwatch will run Google’s Wear OS 3 and will include features like a heart rate monitor, step counting, and the ability to pair with your favourite Fitbit devices. The Pixel Watch is seen as legit competitor to the Apple Watch Series 7.


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