Google Assistant develops personalised speech recognition soon


Google Assistant will soon recognise your voice as the company is working on a personalised speech recognition feature. Google is bringing the speech recognition feature as part of the settings in Google Assistant which can be accessed via the app. But in order to make the personalisation work, Google will be asking users to share their audio recordings that will have to be stored on the device to get the best results.

The feature description reads: “Store audio recordings on this device to help Google Assistant get better at recognising what you say. Audio stays on this device and can be deleted any time by turning off personalised speech recognition”. The upcoming feature looks to expand AT and ML-based improvements beyond “Hey Google” to your actual Assistant commands, “especially those with names (using your voice to message contacts) and frequently spoken words”.

The virtual assistant software application can now also warn users when they need to change their password, and can even help them change it. The company had said the new experience would roll out gradually, but it is only about now that more than a handful of users have started to get it on their devices.


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