Google Announced Automatic 2-factor authentication, “virtual credit card”, etc.


Google announced a number of new security features at today’s I / O conference.

New Features

  • Account safety status: Google will add a new safety status to your app’s Google account settings. With these updates, you’ll see a yellow alert icon on your profile picture. This will flag the actions that the user must take to protect the account.
  • Automatic 2-step verification: Google will automatically start enrolling you in 2-step verification (2SV). It is designed to increase the security of your Google account and reduce the risk of phishing.
  • Virtual Card: This will be the first to be rolled out to the United States with Visa, American Express and Capital One cards, and Mastercard will be added later this year. This feature is designed to make shopping on Android and Chrome more secure. These virtual cards use autofill to enter payment details at checkout. According to Google, virtual cards enhance security by replacing real card numbers with individual virtual numbers.
  • My Ad Center: Google is also providing more control to users when it comes to ads they see. It plans to launch more ads privacy settings by the end of the year and will let users choose which brands they wish to see more or less of. It will give more control over the ads users see on YouTube, Search, and one’s Discover feed, while still being able to block and report ads.
  • Project Shield: In a blog post, Google notes that its “Threat Analysis Group (TAG), for example, has been tracking critical cyber activity to help inform Ukraine, neighbouring countries in Europe, and others of active threat campaigns in relation to the war.” Google notes that it has also expanded its Project Shield to protect the websites of 200+ Ukrainian government entities, news outlets and more.
  • Personal results in Search: The new tool is rolling out as part of the company’s updated removal policies. This will ensure that users can easily request the removal of Google Search results that contain their contact details — such as phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses.





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