Google announced a new Titan Security Key with USB-C and NFC


The latest Titan Security Key is oblong in shape with a USB-C connector at the bottom, while the top has a keychain loop. The body features an indicator light and button to confirm sign-in attempts. Inside, there is Near Field Communication (NFC) for 2-Step Verification on phones by tapping.
This is part of an explicit shift to NFC over Bluetooth given wide mobile adoption. As such, Google will stop selling the old Bluetooth fob also made by FeiTian that featured a micro-USB port for charging and connection. Support and warranty for that older model will continue.
The company’s buying advice is as follows:

  • If you have a computer with USB-A ports, we recommend you get the USB-A + NFC security key
  • If you have a computer with USB-C ports, we recommend you get the USB-C + NFC security key
  • If you have an iPad with a USB-C connector you can use the USB-C Titan Security Key.
  • If you have an iPad with a lightning connector, it’s recommended to get a USB-A Titan Security Key with an Apple lightening adapter.

Titan Security Keys can be used to protect your Google Account as well as with third-party applications and services that support FIDO standards, such as 1Password. These, along with other security keys from companies like Yubico, can serve as a second factor in securing your account even if an attacker obtains your username and password. They also fight phishing because they won’t authenticate a connection to a bogus website that tries to steal your credentials.


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