Facial Recognition Payment-How It Possible?


Welcome to the futuristic world of facial recognition payment. This may sound more like something out of a science fiction novel or movie, but this is now possible. Contactless payments helped consumers keep safe during the Covid-induced pandemic— as facial recognition payments are taking off, there will be no need to carry a smartphone, bank card, or any form of identification, or even have to enter a pin number.


  • This payment terminal scans the customer’s face, similar to using facial recognition to unlock a smartphone.
  • Milliseconds later, the face template is sent to the payment service provider or bank for identification.
  • An algorithm then identifies whether the customer is who they say they are, determining transaction success or failure.
  • A facial recognition system has endpoints, which are able to measure certain variables of a person’s face, including the width or length of the nose, space between eyes and depth of eye sockets.
  • To make payments using faceprints, every face has to be linked to their bank accounts. This data, is then matched by the payment terminal for authentication purposes.
  • So, instead of paying via cash or through UPI apps, consumers can scan their faces on a screen mounted on the payment terminal and have the money automatically deducted from their linked accounts.


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