Facebook’s Year Together card is rolling out to users around the world.


On Facebook, users can share their personalized “Year Together” card, which highlights the friends, feelings, places and people that mattered most to them in 2021. The new in-feed experience reflects on people’s year on the platform and curates it into a shareable card. The new feature is available globally starting today and will be accessible until December 30th.
However, users are not limited to the posts suggested by Facebook, and they can remove and select other images or content instead. This can come in handy, in case users do not want to relive specific memories from the past year. Once shared, the post (or card) will be visible to a user’s friend list or to select users, if they have set up custom privacy settings for posts.
The launch of the new features comes as shareable end-of-year recaps have become increasingly popular thanks to Spotify’s annual wrapped experience that is widely shared across social media each year.


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