Facebook rolls out new tools for Group admins: Conflict Alerts


Facebook launched a new set of tools for helping Facebook Group administrators get a better handle on their online communities.

Latest Tools And Features For Group Admins

  1. These Conflict Alerts are similar to the existing Keyword Alerts feature which lets admin create “custom alerts” for times when commenters use certain words and phrases.
  2. As soon as the admin has been alerted, he can immediately take action by removing comments, removing users from a group, limiting how often people can comment or how often comments can be made on some of the group’s publications.
  3. Company would use machine learning models to look at multiple signals like reply time and comment volume to determine if the engagement between users has or might lead to any negative interactions.
  4. Facebook include a new admin homepage that will also function as a dashboard, offering an overview of posts, members, and reported comments.
  5. A new dashboard called Admin Home will centralize admin tools, settings and features in one place, as well as present “pro tips” that suggest other helpful tools tailored to the group’s needs.
  6. Another new Admin Assist feature will allow admins to automatically moderate comments in their groups by setting up criteria that can restrict comments and posts more proactively.
  7. Now admins restrict who is allowed to post comments on the group and remove spam and unwanted promotions by banning certain links.
  8. Admins can also take advantage of suggested preset criteria from Facebook to help with limiting spam and managing conflict.
  9. The new features include a quick reply bar, new chat themes, and QR code and payment links that will allow the users to send and receive money.
  10. A related feature, also new, would allow admins to also limit how often specific members could comment, or how often comments could be added to posts admins select.
  11. When enabled, members can leave one comment every five minutes.
  12. Facebook is testing tools that allow admins to temporarily limit activity from certain group members. If used, admins will be able to determine how many posts per day a given member may share, and for how long that limit should be in effect for.
  13. Admins will also be able to determine how many comments per hour a given member may share, and for how long that limit should be in effect (also every 12 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days or 28 days).
  14. Admins will also be able to tag their group rules in comment sections, disallow certain post types and submit an appeal to Facebook to re-review decisions related to group violations, if in error.