Facebook may be making two smartwatches


A newly launched patent reveals that the Facebook Meta smartwatch might come with a detachable display.


  • One of the design looks like a conventional rectangular-dial smartwatch, but comes with detachable displays, while another features a circular dial and three built-in cameras.
  • There appear to be no buttons or crown on the side, so this variant could be completely touch-controlled.
  • The second meta smartwatch is expected to feature three camera lenses, while the bezel will apparently rotate to allow a single camera sensor to make use of the multiple lenses.
  • The three cameras in the setup are expected to be similar to a typical triple-camera setup on a phone, including a main telephoto lens, an ultrawide lens and a third zoom/fisheye lens.
  • The watches will be able to work with VR and AR systems and could perhaps, be used as an input device for an upcoming AR headset.
  • Apart from this, the watches are expected to have standard fitness-oriented features like heart-rate tracking, step-counting and sleep monitoring. A temperature-monitoring sensor is also expected.