Facebook Is Going forward politicians will be treated more like everyone else


Facebook plans to end its policy that protects politicians from certain content moderation rules. Facebook and Twitter Inc have long held that politicians should be given greater latitude in their speech on platforms than ordinary users.

Facebook’s oversight board, an independent group funded by the company which can overrule its decisions in a small slice of content moderation cases, recently upheld Facebook’s block on Trump following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The board said that the same rules should apply to all users, though it said that heads of state and government officials can have a greater power to cause harm.

The board said Facebook’s existing policies, such as deciding when material is too newsworthy to remove or when to take actions on an influential account, need to be more clearly communicated to users. The board gave Facebook six months to decide on a “proportionate response” to the Trump case, which could see the former president’s account restored, blocked permanently, or suspended for a specified period.