Facebook Groups can now have dedicated topic ‘experts’


Facebook is starting to roll out a new “expert” label for group members who have expertise in an area related to the group’s interests. Experts can be invited by the group owner or also by the administrators, and the invited user needs to accept the nomination to get the badge. There will be new tools to help admins easily find potential experts in a group.

Facebook also believes that “Group Experts” will help in the fight against fake news, which has become an even greater concern following the COVID-19 events around the world.

Facebook is testing ways to make it easier for admins to find these experts, by prompting specific users, currently in the gaming and fitness spaces, to add which games or activities they’re knowledgeable about. Group admins can search these topics to find their new Group Experts. This tactic works as a growth driver for groups as well, since the new experts will be able to invite followers who have recently interacted with their main page to join the group too.

The company has also taken steps to get moderators to take more responsibility for making sure group members follow Facebook’s rules and introduced new tools to curb toxic conversations. While dedicated “experts” will not have a direct impact on these efforts, adding more competent voices could free up time for group admins.