Facebook begins testing one of Twitter’s most useful post features


Facebook is now testing the ability to chain a series posts together, like Twitter’s Thread feature for tweets. This feature ties the posts together more visually so fans can more easily follow updates over time. When the new post appears on followers’ News Feeds, it will be shown as being connected to the other posts in a thread.

Facebook explained these threaded posts will have a “View Post Thread” button, which lets followers easily navigate to see all of the posts in the thread. When you tap on the button, you’ll be shown where you can see all the threaded posts connected together in one place.

Facebook was unable to confirm if or when the test would roll out more broadly to other public figures on its platform or if it would later expand to other Page categories, like Businesses, or to Facebook Groups. However, the company has not confirmed or the feature will roll out to other users, or whether it will remain a feature exclusively created for important public figures.