Dyson launches its first-ever headphones with a built-in air purifier


Dyson has unveiled a unique pair of headphones called the Zone, which comes with a built-in air purifier.


  • Dyson’s goal here is to combat both air and noise pollution at the same time, thanks to the magnetic visor that covers half your face.
  • The Zone wireless headphone gets noise-cancelling technology which will take care of the ambient noise, and the air purifier will offer clean breathing system for the user.
  • Dyson is using its expertise in air purification by integrating its filtration technology into the mouth-covering part of the gadget.
  • The product itself looks like a handful, and we are eager to see how the company goes about with the launch of the Dyson Zone headphones.
  • The new Dyson headphones look just as unique as they sound. Two large ear cups are connected together through a headband at the top, while they extend to engulf the wearer’s face in a mask.
  • These may not resemble any product we have seen before, but the Dyson Zone definitely looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie depicting humans on another planet.
  • Dyson says that it went for a “non-contact solution” In order to make the headphones comfortable for the wearer. This means that the face mask on the device operates without full-face contact.
  • There is a negatively charged electrostatic filter that captures ultrafine particles such as allergens, and particles from sources such as brake dust.
  • Another, potassium-enriched carbon layer captures city gas pollutants like NO2 and SO2. The compressor then channels the purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth via the contact-free visor.


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