DoorDash Is Making Moves Towards Automated Food Delivery

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With its acquisition of Scotty Labs, a startup that goals to broaden far off-managed and additionally independent automobile tech, DoorDash is taking the subsequent step withinside the course of automating meals shipping.

Scotty Lab’s CEO Tobenna Arodiogbu introduced this deal on a Medium post, pronouncing that the agency’s “middle belief” is that “autonomy and far off help might be the destiny of logistics.”
This approach that DoorDash is making an attempt to lessen or cast off how a lot it is based on people for delivering. There had been a few problems related to its human shipping drivers as of late, whilst it turned into added to mild that the agency turned into paying workers’ wages with consumer recommendations rather than including them directly to the bottom salary.
After pretty a chunk of backlash, DoorDash introduced that it’d be finishing this commonly frowned-upon practice, however this has but to appear. Much like Uber, it’d seem that DoorDash is simply ready out till human drivers may be removed altogether.
The era that DoorDash has received from Scotty Labs will sincerely assist with this goal, as Scotty Labs currently examined out a far off managed automobile in San Francisco in addition to a self-using truck on a motorway in California. DoorDash had formerly obtained Square’s meals shipping branch, Caviar, for about $410 million.
With the purchase of those companies, DoorDash is placing itself up each technologically and eating place partnership-smart to go into the adventure of self-using motors that still appear to be pizza shipping systems. Let’s see what the destiny will bring.