Disappearing messages when enabled automatically deletes messages from a chat.


Now WhatsApp users will now also have the option to turn on disappearing messages by default for all new chats.

How to enable disappearing messages

1. Open the WhatsApp chat.
2. Tap the contact’s name.
3. Tap Disappearing messages. If prompted, tap ‘Continue’.
4. Select 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

How to disable disappearing messages

Either user can disable disappearing messages at any time. Once disabled, new messages sent in the chat will no longer disappear.
1.  Open the WhatsApp chat.
2.  Tap the contact’s name.
3.  Tap Disappearing messages. If prompted, tap ‘Continue’.
4.  Select Off.
The company noted that it has added a new option that lets you turn it on for WhatsApp groups as well. This new feature is optional and does not change or delete any of your existing chats.
“Deciding how long a message lasts should be in your hands. We’ve become accustomed to leaving a digital copy of just about everything we type without even thinking about it. It’s become the equivalent of a note-taker following us around making a permanent record of everything we’ve said. This is why we introduced disappearing messages last year, and more recently for photos and videos to immediately disappear after being viewed once,” the company said in a press statement.


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