Dilip Chitre converted his second-hand Maruti van into solar-powered vehicle

Nagpur Man Converts Van into Solar-Powered Car, Has Already Covered 3500 Kms!

The eureka moment for Dilip Chitre came when he converted his second-hand Maruti van into a solar-run vehicle last year. It took 25 years for Chitre to perfect his innovation and his e-vehicle has so far covered a distance of 3,500 kilometres without any bumps. He replaced the car’s engine with a 48-volt battery, a DC motor, gearbox, charge controller and an electronic accelerator. He installed a speed regulator in the car and also installed solar panels with a capacity of 400 watts on the roof of the car.

The battery stores the electricity generated from the solar panels and sends it to the motor. There the electrical energy gets converted into mechanical energy with the help of the gearbox. For charging the battery, he uses to recharge it only four times in eight months. By seeing the success of the van, Chitre wishes to arrange the same system in school buses and rickshaws. But due to financial constraints, he unable to do that now.