Covid Vaccine Message Attacking Android Phones


A fake COVID-19 vaccine registration SMS that “maliciously” gains entry into a users’ Android phone leading to compromise of individual contact list is in circulation, the central cyber security agency has alerted.

The attackers have made the message look convincing and used the perfect time and opportunity to dupe the users. Earlier, malware researcher, Luke Stefanko had tweeted about the malicious message that has been doing the rounds in India. “SMS worm impersonates Covid-19 vaccine free registration. Android SMS worm tries to spread via text messages as fake free registration for Covid-19 vaccine – targets India It can spread itself via SMS to victim contacts with a link to download this malware.”

Some of its identified variants are: Covid19.apk; Vaci__Regis.apk; MyVaccin_v2.apk; Cov-Regis.apk and Vccin-Apply.apk.

The advisory said that the only “official” online link to register for coronavirus vaccination in the country is the portal– It asked users to be alert against all attempts of phishing through fake domains, emails and text messages that promise registration for a jab against the pandemic. Do not click on any link that comes along with a message that claims to provide COVID-19 vaccine registration.