Covid 19 Caller Tune To Stop Playing Soon When You Make Phone Calls


The Covid-19 caller tune was introduced two years back when the disease had struck India with the country going into complete lockdown. The caller tune also played a role in reminding people to not believe in rumours about the efficacy of vaccines with the message: “Dawaai bhi, kadaai bhi (medicine and caution both)”.

The latest Covid-19 caller tune message talks about India’s vaccination milestone. While the government claims that the “caller tune” helped in spreading awareness, for citizens it became quite an inconvenience as they were forced to listen to the same message whenever they called someone. This also meant that the calls took longer time to connect.

According to a report by news agency, “official sources” are thinking of “dropping COVID-19 pre-call announcements from phones after almost two years of raising awareness about disease.” We don’t know an exact date as to when the Covid-19 caller tune will finally stop, but it is expected to happen soon with life returning to normalcy across the country.


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