Clippy return as an emoji in some Microsoft apps


Now clippy is ready to make a triumphant return. Microsoft has announced that it will bring Clippy back if a Tweet receives 20,000 likes. The Tweet exceeded that target very quickly and currently sits at over 100,000 likes. Today, Microsoft confirmed that Clippy is returning in a blog post honoring World Emoji Day on Sunday. Clippy will replace the 2D paperclip in the Microsoft 365 emoji suite, resulting in a 3D emoji with the pair of eyes and thick, dark eyebrows. The change is part of an update that will move over 1,800 emojis from 2D images to 3D versions, most of which will be animated. The update, including Clippy, will roll out over the next few months.

The company said it plans to roll out the new characters to Windows and Teams sometime in the upcoming holiday season. They will then make their way to other Office apps, including Yammer and Outlook, sometime after that.

Of course, it’s not just Microsoft that has put more emphasis on emojis recently. Emojis can also act as a symbol of inclusiveness, like the handshake emoji, which will feature two hands of different skin tones shaking hands by 2022. Likewise, when Apple introduced over 200 new ones emojis With the iOS 14.5 update in April, a variety of gender pairs and skin tones have also been included.