Chromecast with Google TV Platform may finally launch in India


Google has been quoted as saying that it is planning to take Chromecast devices to 12 more new countries, and the list includes India. The list of countries includes New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, India and some of them in Europe such as Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and more. The report also mentions that Google has set a June 21 launch date for the European market, which probably includes all the countries we mentioned.

 Google tends to localise features before launching a product, which might have forced the company to delay the launch of the product at a wider scale. In countries like India, you have numerous languages that are spoken, so integrating those into the device also poses challenges that take time. Chromecast with Google TV was officially introduced in the market in 2020 alongside the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5 smartphones.

Google TV is a rebranded version of the Android TV platform for the big screen, with a leaner and simpler UI. This Chromecast gives you 4K HDR quality videos at 60 frames per second and also supports Dolby Vision to enhance the viewing experience. Google revamped the bundled Chromecast remote with a dedicated button for Netflix and YouTube.


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