Chromebooks may soon become more gaming-friendly


Native Steam support could launch for the Chromebooks, as per a report by Android Police. The report is based on the presence of the two new flags that have appeared in the latest dev channel build of the Chrome OS, which is set to go beta next.

  • Proton, the compatibility layer developed by Steam-owner Valve, could also appear on the Chromebooks.
  •  Proton is meant to make Microsoft Windows games run on Linux-based operating systems.
  • If these reports end up to be true, then we could have the low-priced Chromebooks that would surely make them more gaming friendly even when a large number of games on the Steam platform, particularly those that require high-end specs, may not run, but those that are not graphic-intensive should do the job of fitting the budget gaming bill.
  • This also bodes well for the future Chromebooks, as they could come with more competent spec sheets to handle a bit of gaming too.


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