Cheaper Netflix plan with ads to launch on November 1st


Netflix will reportedly launch its cheaper, ad-supported plan, the company’s solution to its plunging customer base, on November 1.


  • Competitor Disney+, which already has a free-ad-based plan, is now intending to offer a similar ad-supported plan starting at $7.99 (about Rs 639) in the US on December 8.
  • Netflix clarified that it is targeting only a few markets initially with significant advertising spend in countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany.
  • Netflix is driven to release the cheaper ad-supported plan gradually across the globe as it wants to observe consumer’s reactions. There is currently no information regarding its launch in India.
  • Netflix is launching the ad-supported tier in partnership with Microsoft. The ads are expected to be non-skippable.
  • The company is seeking to charge ad buyers $65 CPM or cost per thousand, which is a lot higher than the industry standard. Initially, advertisers will have limited targeting ability.
  • Netflix’s ad-supported tier will reportedly have an ad load of four ads/hour for series. Movies, on the other hand, will run pre-roll ads. There will be frequency caps (how many times an ad appears to the same person) of one/hour and three/day.

Netflix monthly plans in India

  • Rs 149 Plan: This mobile plan offered by Netflix includes standard video quality with 480p streaming on a phone or tablet. The plan only allows access to Netflix one device at a time.
  • Rs 199 Plan: The Basic plan also offers 480p streaming on a phone, tablet, computer or TV restricting the use of one device at a time.
  • Rs 499 Plan: The standard plan offers 480p streaming on a phone, tablet, computer or TV. Again, the device limit is restricted to one. 1080p streaming across a phone, tablet, computer or TV. The plans support streaming on two devices at one time.
  • Rs 649 Plan: The Premium plan offers 4K HDR streaming across a phone, tablet, computer or TV. This also supports four devices at one time. While this plan is on the expensive side, it can be affordable for big families and for people who love to binge on high resolution.



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