AI kit that can control wheelchair with face shown at CES

Intel’s new AI facial recognition kit could revolutionize mobility for wheelchair users. At CES, the firm demonstrated its incredible technology in the Hoobox Robotics’ Wheelie...

AI-powered companionship robot pet KiKi unveiled at CES 2019

Like every year, the CES 2019 too witnessed a number of interesting innovations one of them being an AI-powered robot called Kiki. Kiki looks like...

PepsiCo tests self-driving robot delivery at a US university

Forget vending machines, PepsiCo is testing a way to bring snacks directly to college students. The chip and beverage maker says it will start making...

Battery-free device to control brain neurons with light made

Scientists have created a sophisticated, wireless system that uses light to control neurons in the brain, a therapy that could be used to turn...

Human finger-sized smart camera created to detect poachers

Elephants are proverbially hard to miss, but even these huge beasts can be swallowed up in the vast plains of Africa. This is a...

Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant

Three voice assistants are fighting for space in your smart home — is there a clear winner? Siri now has a dedicated smart speaker to call home, so...


Ways To Survive Without Internet Suddenly

Be it elections, exams, incidents of violence or any other reason, mobile internet shutdown can happen anytime in India and in any city. The...