Call recording for Google Phone app coming to Pixel devices


The call recording feature in Google’s Phone app is going to come to Pixel devices around the world. Two tipsters mentioned that the call recording feature is now live for them on their Pixels (3 XL and 4a). One tipster is located India, but we’re not sure about the second. Both of them are also using the beta version of the Google Phone app.
Twitter user has shown that the option is available on his Pixel 4a device in India. When enabled, the regular calling panel includes an extra “Record” button that will be available as soon as the call is connected. To enable or check if you have the feature on your device, just open the Google Phone app > Settings > Call recording.
This is the first time the call recording ability has shown up on Pixels without any mods or hacks. But given how geo-restricted the feature is, plus its aleatory server-side component, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s been rolling out for a while now. It also seems to be showing up on OnePlus phones, though we’re not sure if that’s new or not.


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