Call Recording Apps Are Going to be Banned by Google Play Store


Voice call recording applications are going to be banned by Google Play Store starting May 11. All the developers offering third-party voice call recording applications are going to be banned from the Play Store. Only the native system voice call recording function will be there.

Google has been pushing to stop call recording on Android for some time. It had blocked real-time call recording on Android 6, while with Android 10, Google removed in-call audio recording over the microphone. However, some apps found a loophole in Android to access the Accessibility Service to offer the call recording functionality on devices running on Android 10 and above. This is bad and disappointing news for many fans of call recording applications. How these apps will stop working is something that remains to be seen. Whether these apps will be removed from the Play Store completely or whether they will just be rendered useless once the new policy comes into effect is something that we will have to wait and watch.

Apps such as Truecaller offer a call recording feature on Android currently, letting users circumvent the restrictions that Google imposed with Android 10. It is not clear if the new call recording restrictions will be rolled out to only the latest Android 12-powered phones, or if Android 10 and Android 11 devices will also be included.


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