Black Screen of Death Replaces the Color Blue in Microsoft Windows 11


Microsoft is changing its famous Blue Screen of Death to black in Windows 11. Having a BSOD means sometimes means the worst possible scenario, and that is the operating system crashing before it can continue to the lock screen or desktop page.

Latest Changes

  1. Windows 11 is first revealed the new Windows.
  2. It has been confirmed by several users that have experienced the same color change on their BSOD, and as Microsoft’s Windows 11 has crashed into that state.
  3. A BSOD is Windows’ own kernel error or bug check, and it usually includes a dump of data that can help system administrators analyze what system fault caused the blue screen.
  4. Microsoft has yet to confirm a dark mode for the OS’s landscape, but several leaks have pointed out its existence, saying that the company is catering to the people’s modern preferences.
  5. Dark Mode has been popular, and it may have been the reason why Microsoft has changed the Blue Screen of Death, to Black.

Microsoft is overhauling many parts of Windows 11, with a fresh approach to the OS. It’s likely because Windows 11 includes a visual overhaul to modernize the OS in key areas, including classic parts like the Start menu, File Explorer, and now even the BSOD.