Benefits of 5G on Internet of Things (IOT)


Greater number of connected devices, greater speed in the transmissions and a lower latency are some of the main advantages of 5G.

1. Large Number of Connected Devices

Greater Number of Connected Devices
The number of connected devices to network increases greatly with 5G connection. All connected devices will have access to internet connections which will exchange information with each other. It is in favor of IOT.
There will be hundred devices receiving and sending information from a common home. In industrial plants, it can be thousand devices. To have smart cities and autonomous car the increase in number of connected devices will help.

2. High Speed in Transmissions

Greater Speed in TransmissionTransmission speed due to 5G connection can be of 15 to 20 Gbps. Accessing files, programs and remote applications directly has become easy due to high speed without waiting.

3. Lower Latency

Lower Latency
The time taken for an action to occur on a given command to device is known as latency. It will be ten times less than 4G and will perform remote actions.
Control logistics or remote transport and machinery of an industrial plant can be controlled by low latency and increase in the sensors.

4. Network Slicing

Network Slicing
In order to provide connectivity to specific needs, 5G implements virtual networks.


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