Asus MW203 silent mouse review


The Asus Mouse MW203 is a wireless silent mouse that barely makes any noise and comes with features like a compact size, rubber grips on the side, back and forward buttons and a three-way DPI switch.


  1. MW203 intuitively takes the shape of your palm with a rubberised panel to rest your thumb, making it ideal for long hours of usage.
  2. Two on the left edge for going backward and forward, and one on top to change the polling rate on the fly.
  3. There are two more buttons at the bottom to connect and switch the mode of connection, and a nifty space to stash the wireless dongle alongside the single AAA battery that powers the mouse.
  4. The clicks are barely audible, to the point that it doesn’t feel like you’re using a mouse, as even the sound of the click is named after the same.
  5. You get three options to connect wirelessly — RF 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0.
  6. There are mice that can simply jump from one device to another by moving to the edge of the screen.

The MW203 will be life changing, for two reasons particularly 

  1. The side buttons that’s programmed to go back or front on web browsers, Windows Explorer and even in some games, will save eons in computer-operating-time that would otherwise have been wasted in having to drag the cursor to the back icon, and clicking it. It’s non-programmable though, unlike the more expensive multi-button mice out there, but for what it’s worth, it takes up the most useful function I think you can get.
  2. Second is the DPI switch on the top. Pressing the button cycles between 1000, 1600 and 2400 DPI which in layman’s term determines how sensitive the mouse will be to hand movement. Slow the DPI down to 1000 and you’ll have to move the mouse a good distance to reach from one end to the other, but at 2400, a tiny flick is enough to take the mouse to the edge. I could slow down the mouse when editing a copy, or speed it up when I’m feeling too lazy to lug the mouse around the mat while surfing.

The MW203 isn’t like the average mouse. It may seem expensive, but it will be hard to go back to an ambidextrous mouse after using it. It borrows a lot of features from more expensive offerings, but remains simple enough to work without any tinkering. At Rs 1,999 that’s a steal of a deal.