Applications and Types of Biotechnology


What is Biotechnology?

Exploiting living organisms in various fields to make technological advances for the sustainable development of mankind is known as biotechnology. For more than 6000 years, human biological processes have been used to make essential products.

Types of Biotechnology

1. Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Biotechnology
In this field gene of the interest is introduced in the plant to develop genetically modified plants. Crop yield is also increased by this method.

2. Medical Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology
To improve human health, medical biotechnology use living cells to develop technologies. The cause of genetic disorders can also be identified by studying DNA using this technology.


1. Abiotic Stress

The crops that can handle abiotic stress are produced using biotechnology. These crops are beneficial where there is harsh climate.

2. Biofuels

Energy can also be produced with biotechnology. We have to find an alternative source because of depletion of natural resources. Biotechnology tools are used to produce such fuels which are environment friendly.

3. Healthcare

In the development of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology is used due to purity concerns.

4. Industrial Biotechnology

Alcohol, cosmetic products, detergents, etc. are also produced with biotechnology. Biological elements and cellular structures are produced for numerous purposes.

5. Nutrient Supplementation

In the situations of aid, food can be infused with nutrients. e.g., Beta-carotene is infused in the rice to produce golden rice.

6. Strength Fibres

Materials of spider webs have the strongest tensile strength. Using biological techniques, goats are infused with genes from the spiders to produce silk proteins in their milk. Silk is easily produced by this method.


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