Apple’s WWDC will take place from June 6 to June 10


Apple has seen fit to send out 2022 WWDC event invites for June 6 to June 10. Since 2020, Apple has been hosting the event digitally as a precaution to lower the spread of COVID-19. This time around, the company is keeping up with the transition. The 2022 WWDC event will be live-streamed on various platforms and everyone will be able to watch it. In addition to this, the 2022 WWDC will be free for everyone watching live.

In addition to the online conference, Apple will host a special day for developers and students at Apple Park on June 6 where they will be able to watch the keynote and State of the Union videos together, along with the online community. There’s also a Swift Challenge to partake in if you’re a student – you’re invited to create a Swift Playgrounds app project on a topic of your choice and submit it by April 25.

However, the annual developer conference is used to give a sneak peek at new software for the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and iPad. That means consumers should expect an early look at iOS 16, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9 and a new version of macOS. Usually, the software announced at WWDC in June gets a release date in fall, around the same time Apple launches new models of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The big announcement from Apple during last year’s WWDC was the launch of Universal Control, a feature that allows users to use the same mouse and keyboard across a Mac or an iPad. That feature recently went live after a bit of a delay. The company also revealed FaceTime improvements, including how users share their screens or music, through a new software feature called ShareTime.

Besides announcing iOS 16 and macOS 13, industry experts suggest Apple could announce a brand new OS called homeOS. Apple’s home strategy is still not very clear, and WWDC 2022 might be the platform where Cupertino could give developers how it wants to proceed in the crowded smart home segment. 

The significant hardware announcement expected at WWDC 2022 is the introduction of the long-rumoured mixed reality (MR) headset. Although Apple never publicly confirms the existence of the headset, analysts and tech insiders believe such a device will give Apple an opportunity to enter a new product category. The headset reportedly gives the best of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) on a single device. Some reports say it could cost as high as $2000, much higher compared to Meta’s $299 Quest VR headset. A mixed reality headset from Apple set the tone for the industry that is yet to see a hit device to experience extended reality (XR), which many call a gateway to the metaverse. 


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