Apple’s New iOS Feature for People Facing Abusive Relationships


Apple announced a new Safety Check feature to help people save their crucial information from getting misused in an abusive relationship. The feature comes with an emergency reset option that will help users sign out of iCloud on all their Apple devices.

In addition to turning off location sharing, the Safety Check feature resets your privacy permissions on apps and protects access to your messages, limiting iMessage and FaceTime sessions to your device only. It also prompts you to reset your Apple ID password, which would revoke anyone else’s access to your iCloud account and any sensitive data stored there. It also lets you review your emergency contacts.

Apple has collaborated with NNEDV (the National Network to End Domestic Violence), NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crime) and Australia’s WESNET (Women’s Services Network) to help people in abusive relationships. The button will let people stop and share.

This was about safety. With iOS 16, Apple has introduced a host of health features for its users. Apple added a feature called Medications, which has been introduced to the Apple Watch as well. The app has similar functionality across platforms, it will remind users to take their medicines on time. The feature would let users manage a medications list, create schedules and reminders, and track their medications, vitamins, or supplements.


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