Apple Spring Event 2022


Every year, Apple hosts three to four events, including a sprint event. This year Tuesday 28 March 2022 (predicted), starting at 10am in San Francisco, which is 6pm in the UK. This is based on the timing of Apple Spring Events over the years, which have predominantly been in March.

Latest Updates

  • The most significant announcement expected at Apple’s next event is the launch of the third-generation iPhone SE. The iPhone SE 2 was announced way back in 2020, but last year Apple decided not to launch a version.
  • The 2022 iPhone model is said to feature an LCD display, 5G support and FaceID. This is the model that will most likely be launched in March or April. The iPhone SE has gained significant popularity in markets like India, thanks to its affordable price. Apple will continue to stick to the formula to keep devices like the iPhone SE alive.
  • There is every reason for Apple to launch the next-generation iPad Air in 2022. The redesigned iPad Air, which made its debut in late 2020, proved to be a success. We wouldn’t be surprised to see whatever processor ends up in the iPad Air 5. The A15 Bionic processor would bring the next iPad Air into something as powerful as the iPad mini 6 performance-wise.
  •  Expect the new iPad Pro this year, but the question is whether it will be powered by the M1 Pro processor or the unannounced M2 chip. According to a report, the next iPad Pro could have a new design and wireless charging support.
  • Back in 2022, Apple updated the Mac mini with the M1 processor. Now that Apple has already revealed the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, a faster Mac mini is something we should expect. The iPhone maker has been reportedly working on a powerful Mac mini with a new design for quite some time. The new Mac mini will likely feature a new power cable debuted in the M1 iMac and a plexiglass-like texture on top.