Apple removes Wordle clones from App Store


Multiple copycat versions of the hugely popular word game Wordle have been removed from the App Store. The apps appear to have been removed by Apple shortly after their existence caused a stir on social media.
While there are still a few five-letter word games on the store, they don’t have the name Wordle attached like the most egregious ripoffs from the last few days have. Instead these games have named like PuzzWord. There are still a few games left on the App Store that are actually called Wordle, but one was released three years ago and the other was released five years ago with very different concepts from the surprise hit developed by Josh Wardle.

Players begin by guessing any five-letter word.

  • If any of the letters are in that day’s word but in the wrong place, they turn gold
  • If they are in the word in the right place, they turn green
  • If they are not in the word, they turn grey

Players can post how quickly they solved the colourful grid on social media – but in a way that does not spoil the answer for those still playing. And this feature has helped propel the game from 90 users in November to more than two million, according to some estimates. App Store policies prevent the “copying of another developer’s work” – but as the web-based Wordle is not available as an app, it is unclear if it would be covered under this clause.