Apple launch a new low-cost external display for Macs


Apple’s Pro Display XDR could be joined by a second display aimed at Mac users, giving consumers a more value-conscious option than the $4,999 pro-level screen. Apple says that this new lower-cost monitor would be a “hot seller” for people wanting to add a bigger screen to their MacBook Pro “without spending the equivalent of a luxury car down payment on the Pro Display XDR.”
The cost of producing the Pro Display XDR has “likely come down” since its launch, and with some tweaks and a small drop in brightness, Gurman reckons Apple could offer a similar-quality and slightly smaller monitor at around half the price. Currently, Mac users who are looking for a bigger screen only have the option of getting the Pro Display XDR, which is listed at $4,999. This new external monitor, however, could launch at about half the price and would be slightly smaller in size.
LG was working on three external displays as a successor to the Pro Display XDR – 24, 27, and 32 inches respectively. The 32-inch variant seems to come packaged with a custom silicon powering the display, while the former variants do not. He also added that the 27-inch and 32-inch models come packaged miniLED displays and a 120Hz variable refresh rate.


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