Apple iOS 14.5: Unlocking The Phone With Face Masks Is Finally Here

Apple iOS 14.5 Unlocking The Phone With Face Masks Is Finally Here

With a face mask, having trouble using Face-id on your iPhones? To save you, the Apple iOS 14.5 update is here. That’s right, one of the many new features in the upcoming software update is to allow users to unlock their iPhone while wearing a face mask. Excited already? Discover more new features that will improve your iPhone experience.

Apple iOS 14.5 – All the new features that Apple users should be excited about

The introduction of widgets, an app bar and a whole new home screen experience changed the ball game with iOS 14. And, now, as expected, with smaller upgrades. and more compact, Apple brings new innovations and features to its new operating system. While accepting weird bug fixes and the introduction of new emoji software updates are daily tasks for Apple users, the Apple iOS 14.5 update is poised to bring a bunch of features. new and interesting to iPhones.

1. While wearing a mask, unlock your iPhone (with your watch)

Once Apple iOS 14.5 is downloaded and installed on your iPhone, finally you will be able to unlock your phone even when it is half covered by a face mask. Using your Apple Watch (Apple has not yet specified whether this feature is available on all watches), you will be able to unlock your iPhone. This function will always ask you to enter a password.

2. Transparency of application monitoring

With iOS 14, Apple has improved its security game and made the new iPhones more secure than ever. And, with iOS 14.5, they’re using it. While app tracking transparency is already available to some users (on some apps), with iOS 14.5 it will be available to everyone. This feature will require the user to allow apps to track their data in order to deliver personalized advertising. Even though there has been heavy criticism from apps like Facebook, Apple is ready to roll out this feature to upgrade the security of iPhones.

3. Two new Siri voices

If you didn’t already know, you can customize your Siri’s accent. While you can obviously choose between male and female voices, this feature allows you to choose the accent you want for your voice assistant. With iOS 14.5, to its new upgrade Apple is also adding two new Siri voices.

4. Battery recalibration

An effective addition to the new features in iOS 14.5 is battery recalibration. Users will be able to see the health of the battery and calibrate it according to their usage to get the best performance and peak capacity. This feature is configured to improve the battery life of iPhones and can be accessed under Settings> Battery> Battery Status.

5.Supports dual-SIM 5G, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S controller compatibility

For iPhone 12 series users, Apple is adding 5G dual SIM support, which will allow them to use the phone’s physical card and e-SIM on both 5G. Apple iOS 14.5 will also support a PlayStation 5 DualSense or Xbox Series X / S controller along with this. Once the update is successfully installed, users can play games on their iPhone or iPad using the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S controllers.

6. Over 200 new emoticons coming to iOS 14.5

We all love emojis. They are more and more an integral part of our texts. Also because they are super practical. With iOS 14.5, there are plenty of new emoticons to choose from. To be precise, 217 of them, by Indian Express.

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