Apple car – popular even before launch!


Apple is planning to build a team for its electric car project — Project Titan — before the end of the year.

Project Titan began its life in 2014, when Apple formed a so-called shell company — the SixtyEight Research — to work on the car project. The project has been marred by many changes, teams walking away, direction of the project changing completely, sudden changes of management. Bob Mansfield, who was the VP of Technologies at Apple, currently leads the project.


  • Apple will break new ground with this car. It is touted look like a car from the future with minimalistic interiors and next-level technology.
  • The most hyped feature could be self-driving technology that even Tesla is trying to master.
  • There would be a lot of core work and chips needed to complete this setup and make it operational in the real world.
  • Feature list could include a LiDAR sensor-equipped windshield for AR Display, Hitech headlamps, ADAS technology, and Siri voice assistant along with connected apple ecosystem.

Talking more about its production details, the American giant had approached Hyundai for making the Apple car but the talks ended last year. Later, Nissan and Apple were in discussion about producing the car and are likely to make a beta version this year. Moreover, it is highly likely that the Apple car could be made in Nissan’s facility in Japan by early 2024 considering the chip shortages happening on a global level.


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