Android and iOS users can take advantage What’s App new features.


Here are the top three new features on WhatsApp for iOS and Android that you should be using right now.
Multi-device support

Now, you can use WhatsApp on up to four devices at home as well as your phone. Even better, you don’t need to have a phone connection at all. All your messages and data including stickers, new contacts and starred messages will be shared seamlessly between devices. You can start and answer calls from any device. The company said the delay in rolling out the feature was to make sure everything stayed secure and encrypted when switching devices.
Archived chats update
Finally, WhatsApp rolled out an important change to archived messages. With the new update, archived chats will stay safely tucked away in their own folder, even if someone sends a new message. And it couldn’t be simpler to bring them back to the main chat screen through the Settings menu.
Disappearing messages
WhatsApp has adopted the feature with its View Once option. Photos and videos sent using this feature will be deleted straight after being opened and viewed. WhatsApp says the feature will be useful for sending temporary information, like passwords. It’s also handy for those who don’t want every off-the-cuff snap they send to live on forever in their friends’ hard drives.
Android to iOS and vice versa
There are several users who have wanted to switch platforms – from Android to iOs or vice versa but aren’t able to do so because of the fear of losing all of their WhatsApp data. Well, things are changing now. Previously, there was no way to move your chat history from one system to another. However, you can now use the Smart Switch feature to backup your chat history and files and transfer them to a new phone.


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