Amazon’s new ‘adaptive volume’ will make Alexa speak louder when noisy environment


Amazon is working to unravel a frustration with sensible house audio system by introducing a function referred to as Adaptive Quantity, which can make Alexa reply louder if it detects that you just’re in a loud surroundings.

Amazon doesn’t mention Adaptive Volume running in the opposite direction, becoming quieter if there is no background noise, but there are other ways to dynamically reduce the volume. One of them is Whisper Mode, where Alexa will whisper her response if you speak quietly to her. As this relaxing video points out, you can activate the mode by asking Alexa to “turn on whisper mode”.

We simply gave Adaptive Quantity a fast check with an Echo Dot sitting subsequent to a desktop PC with a spinning fan, and it appears a little bit bit inconsistent; a few of Alexa’s responses have been louder than ordinary, however others went again to the unique quantity.


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