Amazon Proteus Is The First Fully-Automatic Robot From The Company


Meet Proteus, Amazon’s first fully autonomous mobile robot. Proteus, which looks a lot like a robot vacuum, was designed to automatically perform tasks and safely move around employees using proprietary safety, perception, and navigation technology. Proteus is capable of lifting and transporting GoCarts, Amazon’s wheeled trolleys used to move packages through facilities.

Amazon claims Proteus can operate on its own, without any manual assistance, which means the robot is not confined to specific areas of its warehouse and it can automatically do its task with the employees around the same space. The company has designed a built-in green light which acts as a sensor for the robot to detect if someone is in close proximity. When a human comes close to this light, Proteus waits for them to move away to resume its movement.

The Proteus robot will be utilised by Amazon at the outbound GoCart handling areas in its fulfilment centres and sort centres. Amazon aspires to use Proteus in helping carry the heavier objects, which reduces the strain and the need to employ more manpower for such tasks at its centres.


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