Amazon blocked 10 billion suspected phony listings


Amazon blocked 10 billion suspected bogus ads last year before any of their offers could be sold. This represents an increase of approximately 67% from the previous year. The figure comes from Amazon’s first report on its efforts to reduce counterfeit products since it announced new tools and technology in 2019. The Seattle-based e-commerce giant said the number of counterfeiters trying to sell on the site had grown last year as scammers. tried to take advantage of shoppers who stayed home and bought more online.

Amazon said it destroyed 2 million counterfeit products sent to its warehouses last year before they could be sold. Amazon and small online stores, such as eBay and Etsy, are opposing the bill on grounds such as fears that it could discourage people from starting small businesses and selling online. But groups that represent physical big box retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, are supporting it because they say it level the playing field as physical retailers are already making sure their shelves are free from counterfeits.

Amazon said it spent more than $ 700 million last year on its anti-counterfeiting efforts and that 10,000 people were working on it. The company has also filed joint trademark lawsuits, including one earlier this year with Salvatore Ferragamo against counterfeiters who were selling fake high-end brand belts on the site.