Adidas’ new solar headphones can also be charged by your bedroom light


Rain or shine, a new pair of solar-powered wireless headphones by Adidas has you covered. Adidas announced the RPT- 02 SOL, a $230 pair of self-charging Bluetooth cans with Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar cells built right into the recycled plastic headband. Adidas makes no mention of active noise cancellation (something the Los Angeles has) or any fancy audio codecs, but it does have IPX4 water resistance, a microphone, and a USB-C port for backup charging.


  • The headband of the RPT-02 SOL is made of a highly flexible light-cell material by Swedish solar tech company Exeger called Powerfoyle.
  • The solar cell material can be screen printed onto plastic, allowing for a wide variety of applications — everything from walls to cars to consumer electronics.
  • Unlike older types of solar cells that need a strong and constant source of natural light, Powerfoyle can charge in various light conditions.
  • The RPT-02 isn’t waterproof — but is IPX4-rated — so it can handle sweat and splashing from a nearby ocean or lake.
  • The headphones feature built-in controls for changing songs or volume, and there’s also an indicator that helps find the best light for charging.
  • And if all else fails, it includes a USB-C port. The RPT-02 SOL retails for $229, and will be available for purchase online on August 23rd.



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