A Razer Phone 2 is officially on the way


In its most recent earnings report (via AA), Razer officially confirmed that a second-generation of its smartphone is in the works, but didn’t provide too many details on what that second device would entail. Presumably, we’d seen updated specifications including the Snapdragon 845 and perhaps a new design that thins out the bezels. The first Razer Phone launched in November, but it’s unclear when the second generation will launch and what name it will carry.


The second-generation smartphone was confirmed in the company’s most recent quarterly earnings report. Unfortunately, other than the company confirming they are working on the handset, that’s about all we have to go on right now. Razer did confirm that it’s “very pleased” with the sales the original Razer Phone amassed since launch, so launching a followup certainly makes sense.

One of the more interesting parts here is that Razer says the original Razer Phone was just released in a “limited run”, which probably makes it a bit easier to be happy with whatever sales numbers the Razer Phone reached. Or Razer might be working on an even broader launch whenever the Razer Phone 2 is launched into the world.