‘A perfect tool for stalking’-Apple Air Tags


The Apple Airtag, which is a small coin-sized device, is designed to be attached to luggage or keys and allow you to track important items up to 0.1ft away. However, this seemingly-innocent device is receiving heavy criticism after spates of women have reported discovering an Airtag hidden in their belongingss by strangers.

The button-sized devices are designed to work with Apple’s ‘Find My’ network to locate lost items. But there have been multiple reports in the US of the devices being used to track people.

Apple told: “We take customer safety very seriously and are committed to AirTag’s privacy and security.” The company also says AirTags have better security features than rival products. However, there is growing evidence that they are being used for criminal activity across the US.

They’re small, smooth and circular – and took inspiration from other tracking products on the market, like Tile. The idea is that they can be attached to luggage or keys – anything you could lose. You can track an item to within 0.1ft. But in the wrong hands, they can be used for a different purpose. Apple was aware, long before it released AirTags, that they could be used for criminal activity. On releasing them, Apple said that “AirTags are designed to track items not people”.

They created a series of safeguards that, they said, would protect people from being tracked. People with an iPhone would be alerted if an unregistered AirTag was moving with them. And the AirTags would make a beeping noise when separated from an owner for a period of time.