A life-size Lego typewriter that actually works!

designer builds a typewriter out of lego blocks

Typewriters may not qualify as high-tech in today’s time but a replica typewriter built entirely out of Lego bricks is sure to make fans drool. The Lego version, designed by Steve Guinness, is programmed using Mindstorm EV3 software and is fully motorized. It moves via a hand-cranked mechanism. It pays also attention to essential typewriter details such as the carriage return, paper rest, ribbon spool, roller knob, strikers and the round button letters themselves. While it gets all the details of a vintage typewriter right, it doesn’t actually let you add ink to type on paper. It is meant for display and Guinness has proposed the Lego set, which means it may be turned into a real set if approved.

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Designer Steve Guinness submitted the typewriter to the Lego Ideas website, which encourages fans to offer suggestions for original Lego sets that people can then vote on to determine whether there’s enough interest to turn the ideas into real sets. The proposed Lego set has gotten 10,000 votes, which means it can now move into the review stage.  While the Lego typewriter does move like the real deal, you can’t actually add ink to type on paper. This typewriter is for display, not for writing novels. The Lego typewriter is now headed to the next stage in the review process where a board comprised of Lego designers, product managers and other key team members will examine the design.

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The team then builds concept models to decide if the design meets the standards it takes to make a Lego product, such as playability, safety and fit with the company brand. The Lego typewriter could be considered for possible production in 2020.