7 Apple features, services not available in India


There are some services and features that remain elusive for Apple iPhone users in the country. Here we list out some of them:

  1. Apple’s fitness subscription service built entirely around Apple Watch. It has new workouts, programs that remain exclusive for Fitness+ subscribers. While it is available in many countries — including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia — the service hasn’t made its way to India almost 18 months after its launch.
  2.  Apple has refrained from launching its payment service in the country. Apple Pay is built into iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad and one doesn’t need any separate app to download. Yet, the service hasn’t been launched in India.
  3. With iOS 15.4, Apple introduced a new feature in the iPhone where users — in certain US states — can store their driver’s license and other IDs in Apple Wallet. A rather handy feature to have on your iPhone but it’s not come to India yet.
  4. You can add your car key to the Wallet app, and use your iPhone or Apple Watch to lock, unlock, and start your car. The feature was introduced a couple of years by Apple first with BMW cars and later expanded to other brands. However, this feature isn’t available in India as of now.
  5. Apple News+ is the subscription service that gives users access to hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and premium digital publishers in the News app on the iPhone or iPad and Mac.
  6. There’s a feature where you can securely store COVID-19 vaccination, test result, and recovery certificate records in the Health app on your iPhone or iPod touch. However, this feature is not available in India as of now.


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