5G service now available in India: key things you should know


5G service is finally available in several parts of India. With 5G in India, expect faster data speeds from when using mobile data that will enable you to download large files quicker, as well as open the country’s networks in general to a number of other use-cases across industries. 5G will initially be available in limited regions across the country. In the case of Airtel, these are just 8 Tier-I cities for now. Jio is also expected to roll out 5G services in limited areas around Diwali.

Important things to know

  • 5G network services will also not require a new SIM card for both Airtel and Jio 5G. Jio recently confirmed ahead of its beta trials that will kick off starting today that users will not need a new SIM for Jio 5G to work. With Airtel, users using recent 4G SIM cards will also not need a new card to experience 5G in supported regions.
  • Irrespective of your cellular network provider, your 5G phone may need a small update to enable 5G networks on it, even though the hardware already supports it. There are 5G smartphones that support SA and NSA networks, but may require an update to remove any software-based lock on the same. If your 5G phone is one such model, the availability of 5G services may be dependent on your smartphone brand offering said update.
  • You need to do three things to use 5G. One should have a 5G-enabled SIM, and a 5G-compatible smartphone. After this, you will have to change handset settings to enable the latest network. Justgo to the settings tab, visit Connections or Mobile Network and Select the 5G network mode.
  • We got 306Mbps download speed and 25.4Mbps upload speed with 5G at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) event. Comparatively, 4G offered us only 50.5Mbps download and 1.87Mbps upload speeds. But, this is not the highest.
  • It is being said that people might not be able to fully utilize 5G network in eligiblecities if they are not near a 5G cellular tower. This basically means that one won’t get full bandwidth speeds and network capacity, unless they arein a proper 5G coverage area. People can download the “Speedtest by Ookla” app to check out 5G towerlocations in an eligible city.
  • Airtel has promised to offer 5G plans at the rates of 4G prepaid plans, whereas Reliance Jio has announced that its 5G plans will be available at the lowest prices.


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