5G price in India will be lower than global market.


A new report by ET Telecom this week, brands like Realme are going to partner with telcos such as Airtel and give you a 5G phone bundled with a 5G data plan. This arrangement is likely to offset the high cost of a 5G data plan, as you pay for the device. The PTI report also highlights that minister Vaishnaw observed that India’s internet data rates are at about $2 (roughly Rs 155), while the global average rate is at $25 (roughly Rs 1,900).

The union minister said that India’s average data consumption is 18GB per month, which exceeds the global average of 11GB per month. However, India is still behind many countries in the Ookla Speedtest Global Index (mean) for May 2022. The data shows India’s position at 125 in the mean global mobile speed performance index, while the country stands at 79 in the mean global fixed broadband performance index.

According to the news agency, the IT minister assured that there is no reason to be concerned about Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation from 5G towers as India has “more stringent” norms than other countries.



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