5G likely to launch in India next month, rollout in 13 cities in first phase


The 5G services are likely to launch in India in October 2022. According to reports, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram among other major cities will be first to get 5G in the beginning. 5G networks are also expected to reduce congestion on existing networks and enable new services such as self-driving cars. As India continues to grow rapidly, it is likely that 5G will play an important role in facilitating this growth.

5G offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for businesses in India. These include:

  • Increased speed and capacity: 5G networks can offer speeds up to 10 times faster than current 4G networks, which will enable businesses to expand their operations rapidly and provide better customer experiences.
  • Reduced latency: 5G networks have much lower latency than 4G networks, which will enable real-time interactions between devices and users. This will be particularly useful for applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which require fast response times.
  • Improved security: With 5G, businesses will be able to deploy more secure systems that are resistant to cyberattacks. This will help protect their data from being stolen or compromised.

The spectrum bands that are expected to be auctioned include 526-698 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 2500 MHz, 3300-3670 MHz, and 24.25-28.5 GHz. These bands will be used for the public as well as private 5G networks. 5G frequency bands are currently not available in India. The bands will be available after the spectrum auction, the dates of which have not been announced yet. However, it is said that the 5G spectrum will be auctioned before the rollout. “The process of allotting frequencies to TSPs (Telecom Service Providers) will be initiated at the earliest,” the DoT said in a statement.


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